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Production Manager needed at Redrock Media

We shared a post earlier about Redrock Media. They are hiring scriptwriters but that’s not all. They have a spot for a Production Manager as well.

Redrock Media is company that focuses on developing African film, TV and online content.
Responsible for setting budgets for the needs of every film production aspects, which include paying all workers or staff of the production, incurring props, hiring catering services and other expenses used daily.
Solving problems that may arise during filming, setting schedule of meetings and shooting, preparing and submitting all types of paperwork needed before deadline and making sure all equipment are set up properly and working well.
Responsible for hiring workers, assign people daily tasks, assist in the set and administrative work, and oversee video editing.
Manage budget
Effective communication from up & down Supervise productions and ensures they run according to schedule
Strong organizational skills required to maintain a project timeline.
Communicate both internally& externally with prospective talent.
Proven experience with both documentary and viral videos
Must be able to organize a team and make sure everyone is on deadline.
Passion for storytelling and visuals
Excellent work ethic, Deep knowledge of video equipment and software.
Willingness to occasionally work on weekends

Applicants should send CV and cover letter to

Okeke Magnus

Okeke Magnus

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Okeke Magnus



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