Nollywood: Busted movie cast, release date and synopsis

Cast: Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw, Lisa Onu, Ik Ogbona, Paul Obazele

Produced: by Lisa Onu and Face Onu

Premiere Date: May 21, at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos

In The Modern Day World, The Things and acts that were unheard of have suddenly become the trend of this modern day technology Era.

Queen, born as a girl child into a decent home whose father’s strictness and mother’s ignorance led her into the arms of the maid whose consolation changed her entire being.

Now as a grown woman unknown to her parents Queen has a different understanding to Life and has taken to a new lifestyle, she eventually meets The Love of her life Blessing; another beautiful young lady who willingly surrendered to the lifestyle due to the economic hardship.

But unfortunately for the lovers, the Nigerian Law sector has passed a bill in the constitution against the act of same sex marriage in the country.

Ignoring the Biblical belief and what the society thinks of them, the Law becomes their Tussle which leads to the Test of their Love and eventually were BUSTED by the Law.

Busted is a Controversial love Story

Okeke Magnus

Okeke Magnus

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