African Comic Book Fandom: The Orisha Pikin black magic that works.

Never a period in the history of African comic that a comic book fandom has been so intensely interesting like in recent months.

OrishaPikin, a Vortex Inc. title which is currently in its Issue 4 and written by talented KiyindouYamakasi has seen some of us pitch tent with our favourite god (character) in a positive way that even God himself will be jealous!
Hypnotised with the story, some of us children of God can now boldly say we “rep” an Orisha. I for one belong to Team Sango. (My pastor should come and beat me!)
In case you don’t know, Orisha Pikin literally translates Children of god!
Hilarious as it may seem, Orisha Pikin sweetly called OP by fans, was surely peppered and salted by a nourish, educative and positive story arc as well as a great art that makes one devour all and still lick ones lips in anticipation for more!
You are either a TeamSango or a TeamObatala, the two main characters of Orisha Pikin or you belong to Eshu, the trickster god who I always love to call an enemy of progress!
Many great characters in the Orisha Pikin comics to follow¬†but dominant are Obatala who represents the noble. Also is Sango my favourite who is voice of the “street” as well as the disciplinarian Miss Koi Koi and the Zangbeto police.

Which african comic book character is your favourite?
Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box.

Enjoy your day and…boom!
…shake the earth with African story.

Adeniyi Lawal

Adeniyi Lawal

Chief Writer and Publisher at ArtlandNigeria
He is a comic book enthusiast, colorist, an aspiring political cartoonist and a wannabe 2d animator. He trained as journalist and author of Graceland,My graceland a poetry collection.
Adeniyi is an extrovert but the rare shy type!
Adeniyi Lawal



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